Monday, November 24, 2014

Academic FYI #7- Happy Thanksgiving! Thoughts on Appreciation and Gratitude

A special Thanksgiving’s Day Academic FYI. A little bit on the touchy feely side but its a great time of year to reflect upon all the great parts of this profession.

Just two quick articles on the importance of Appreciation and Gratitude that all staff and students can benefit from….  

This is a nice and timely article around Thanksgiving. This is certainly the time of year with everyone working so hard where the Holiday break is a much needed time for relaxing and reenergizing yourself.

There are some great ideas here for increasing appreciation in your work life. And if I haven’t said it to you enough: Thank you for all you do.

Nothing is perfect but students and staff have a lot to be thankful for working at such a great school. At first I wondered if the article was too elementary but then realized gratitude is something that all students need to think about at all times. Here is another great idea for writing in your classroom which doubles as a fantastic way to start your class with positive thoughts and ideas:

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