Friday, October 16, 2015

FYI #13 - Student-Centered Activities- Form. Assessment- Reading Activities- A Teacher becomes a Student

This week: 
A simple feedback strip of paper that can help you with formative assessment (pic below),  a short article on a teacher shadowing students and her take-aways, some simple reading engagement strategies,  56 formative assessment strategies, and 60 Student-Centered activities. All good, quick reads which can be quickly implemented. 

Teacher Spends 2 Days as a Student
This is a quick and easy read about a teacher who shadows a couple of students all day and her take-aways.  A couple of her key take-aways were the amount of time students actually sit each day and the amount of time they actually just sit and listen to people all day. A good read.

Reading Strategies Ideas
This short article has some great ideas for getting students more engaged in what they are reading. Simple yet effective ideas like the following are easy to implement and use everyday:

  1. Instruct partner A to tell partner B everything he or she knows about _____________; or instruct partner B to explain to partner A what just happened in the story; or instruct partners A and B to have 2-minute conversation acting like characters from the story. The options are endless.

56 Quick Formative ideas
The above link opens to a PPT presentation where each slide briefly describes a different formative assessment strategy. They are quick and to the point and all easily implemented. The 3x Summaration, Chalkboard splash, and the Metacognition chart (pictured above) I found to be the really interesting and helpful.

60 Student-Centered Activities
This site nicely sets-up 60 different student-centered activities with a short summary and if you click on the hyper link it opens up a larger and longer description on how to implement this into the classroom.