Friday, May 5, 2017

FY#18 Happy Friday! Student/Parent Postcards!


Happy Friday! Happy Cinco de Mayo! 

Personal Postcards to Students & Parents 

Got off to a great start this week sending out postcards to at least one of your students who is doing the right things whether it be grade wise, personally, school spirit, or some mixture of those types of things. Here is an example of one here. Special Education teachers and English teachers sent them out this week. Science is doing them today. I will get them to everyone on your next Atlas day. You may address it to the student or parents. We mail them out right from the Academic Office. 

I am sure they will be very happy and excited to get a hand written note from their teacher acknowledging the great things they are doing in your class! That is the personal touch that makes Assabet a special place. Thank you for participating! 

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Friday, March 24, 2017

FYI #17 Happy Friday! Rubric/Checklist Maker - Screen Capture Video

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                                                                 Happy Friday!

Have not sent the FYI in a little while. I know how dearly it is missed! In any event I have been sending screen capture videos to the course I teach at Fitchburg State. One of the things I sent this week was a video of how to use a real simple online rubric maker fittingly called "Rubric Maker". They didn't dig deep for that name.

Since we want to make sure we are always uploading a rubric along with all our assessments in Stage 2 of Rubicon Atlas this is timely.

This may be something you already have seen or use. If so stop reading and there is no need to watch the video of me using it. If not then I have created a short video here of how to use it.

I have always used RubiStar Rubric or a Google Drive template in the past. However, I have found this Rubric Maker to be incredibly simple to use with excellent drop downs with canned verbiage for virtually anything you want your students to do.

What I like best about it is it creates a student checklist for you to give to your students without any extra work on your part.

You can check out the short video of me demonstrating it here. You can make the video larger by clicking the expansion window below the video:

Here is the actual link to the Rubric-Maker site:

At the bottom of the page you can also find a helpful and simple Graphic organizer maker:

As always if you ever decided to use it please let me know.

Enjoy your weekend!