Tuesday, November 11, 2014

FYI #6 - Enjoy the Weekend & Happy Veteran's Day!

Had some great walkthroughs this week. It is encouraging to see staff doing more and more stuff with literacy in mind.

This week: A helpful lesson plan template, one video, one list of journal prompts, and one more short article on working with ELL students. Enjoy! Have a Great weekend!!

  1. We have been talking a lot about Unit Plans in terms of our Rubicon Atlas curriculum initiatives.

However, one thing that cannot be overlooked is a good, solid daily lesson plan. A lesson plan which has the most important components to running a good class:

Warm-ups, a good balance of teacher-centered and student-centered activities, reading and writing activities, formative assessment, and exit strategies is critical to every class.

I have been working on this lesson plan template which I hope to break down into one page. I think it is important for teachers to see the ideas below each section of the lesson plan. This is a 58 minute plan which hits upon the 5 classroom indicators Administrators are looking for. If you decided to use this template let me know how it goes:

  1. A quick little video on simple Exit Tickets. You should always end your lesson each day with a simple exit strategy to see if the students have learned the objectives you planned for:

  1. 180 Journal Prompts for every day of the school year. This is an excellent list for all teachers to use. Journals are a great DO NOW activity regardless of what you teach:

  1. Another excellent and short article on accommodating ELL students in your classroom:

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