Monday, December 15, 2014

Academic FYI #8- Happy Holidays!!

In the Holiday spirit of giving I would like to invite everyone to take part in a fun little Holiday activity where I teach your class for a day and give you a much deserved period off.

Over the next four weeks I will have Diane pull one name each week from a hat of interested staff. Those teachers can then let me know what day and period they would like me to cover.

I can either cover the class in your room or take them somewhere else so you have access to your room. Makes no difference to me.

I look at this activity as a way of showing staff some appreciation and it doubles as a way for me to connect with kids. Each year as an administrator is another year away from the classroom. I believe it is important for me to constantly remember what it is truly like to be in a classroom for a full 58 minutes with students.

I do not look at this as a lost period of curriculum. I can either oversee an assessment period for you or I will bring in my own fun type of lesson that is cross curricular (preferred).

If you are interested in being a part of this please call or email Diane with your name. We will start drawing names next week.

This Week’s FYI:
One helpful app and two good articles: Hope you enjoy.

During walkthroughs this week I talked to 3 different students who each told me that they remembered to do their homework or an important due date because there teacher sent them a Remind text over the weekend. Remind is a safeway for teachers to text students. Check it out in the link below or come see me with any questions. I can point you in the direction of teachers who are having success with it.

Unleash the Power of Post-Its

This a short blog article with some great ideas for using simple Post-Its in your daily lesson. This is particularly a great idea for those quiet and shy students you may have.

11 Alternative to Round Robin Reading (RRR)

Reading in your classroom is a GREAT practice. However, Round Robin Reading has gotten a bad rap and has led to some serious debate in educational circles. At one time or another we have all run a classroom lesson where we choose individual students to read a passage from some textbook or book. This short article gives teachers some others alternatives for this practice. I particularly liked the idea of “Partner reading”. See the article below for some new ideas:

11 Alternatives to Round Robin Reading

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