Monday, September 29, 2014

MA Administrative Delegation to Finland/England - Series of Blog posts

As part of my involvement in GS-21; a group of administrators in Massachusetts who meets bi-monthly to discuss global education practices/curriculum, I am taking a professional development trip to Finland/England with 20 other administrators to learn about and discuss their education systems. I will be blogging a series of posts about not only the schools here but also my discussions with other MA administrators on the possibilities of a global studies program here at Assabet Valley and ideas on better evaluation and teacher training opportunities.

Why Finland? Finland has been internationally recognized as one of the best educational systems (academically and vocationally) in the world. The majority of their reputation rests upon their scoring in an international assessment called the PISA (Programme for International Student Assessment). < click link to learn more about PISA

This is a 5 day trip where we will visit 9 different schooling systems and discuss education with students, teachers, administrators, and people as a high up as the Minister of Education Pasi Sahlberg.

The essential questions I will be attempting to answer during this trip are:

What can be learned about the success of Finnish education and actually applied to the current learning structure we have at Assabet Valley?

In discussions with colleagues from Massachusetts what are the possible parameters and ideas in setting up a Global studies program/academy at AV?

I hope you enjoy the blog. More specific information to follow daily. Please feel free to follow and comment.

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