Tuesday, October 22, 2013

PARCC Upate #2- PARCC Pilot and Essential Dates

Been awhile between my first and second installments of my PARCC updates.

With that said here is some quick and essential information you should know.

First, we have been chosen to pilot PARCC at AV this year.

Three Grade 9 ELA classes and Four Grade 11 Math classes will pilot ONLINE PARCC testing.

You can see a helpful chart of how these tests will be broken in terms of timelines at my site:

Check the PARCC Tab.

Also, the Two questions I get regarding PARCC are these:

1)When will PARCC start/really count? 

2)Will PARCC really replace MCAS?

Here are the answers to those questions with the most updated information from DESE and PARCC:

1) Students who are currently in 8th grade right now will be the first class who will take PARCC and have it count as a new graduation requirement.

2) PARCC will replace ELA and Math MCAS Tests. The Biology exam will remain in the current MCAS form

Below is the actual verbiage directly from Commissioner Mitchell Chester's PPT presentation this summer on these two questions and PARCC transition from MCAS:
ØAt least through Class of 2017:  Grade 10 MCAS tests/retests in ELA, Mathematics, & Science/Technology/Engineering
üSpring 2015 Grade 10 students will take MCAS (not PARCC) for CD
ØSTE tests will continue during PARCC implementation

ØThis fall:  ESE will provide updates for classes of 2018 & beyond

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