Friday, November 4, 2016

Assabet Student Integrity & Character- Standing Desk Pilot!

3 Main Things This Week: 

#1 and Most Importantly: 

This was sent to me today from Bobby Corazzini in PE:

Yesterday during my period 2 PE class Brandon Comstock came to Mike with $200 and said that he had found it on a bench outside of the Cafe. The money was brought to Linda and Pat was notified. I just thought it was really cool that he was honest enough to turn it in. I wanted you to know. 

Thanks Rob

I later learned from the man with the longest job title in Massachusetts Dean of Students/Assistant Principal Jerry Gahagan that the student that lost it actually cleaned houses for the money in order to buy a sketching tablet she wanted.  She literally cried tears of joy when it was it was returned to her. 

I talked with Brandon today and gave him and a friend an Epicurean Buffet for next Thursday. Jerry also called home to let his parents know about his good deed. If you see Brandon around please make sure to give him some well deserved accolades for his integrity and character. 

#2 Standing Desk Pilot 

I would like to pilot some standing desks in a few classrooms for students to try. While I don't have a budget to outfit an entire room I would like to get some feedback on the ones we do purchase from both teachers and students. If you are interested in trying a couple out in your classroom let me know. Depending on the interest I cannot guarantee to pilot a couple in all classrooms but we will start somewhere. Let me know if interested. Some studies have shown that these desks can increase engagement in students. 

Here is an article and short video on standing desks:

Here are some ideas of the models we are looking to pilot:

Inline image 1

#3 "22" Powerful Closure Activities 

In my most recent walkthroughs I have seen some very good closure/exit ticket strategies being used by teachers here at Assabet. One of my new favorites which I presented to new staff this summer is using "Plickers" (Paper Clickers). If you have not used this yet or want a demo please let me know. It is free quick, and easy to learn. 

Plickers is a great formative assessment technology tool where no students actually need a device. Only the teacher does.  

You can learn more about "Plickers" here:

Edutopia also put out a very good article and list of other formative assessment/closure activities in this quick read here. I particularly found #5 Paper Slide and #21 Exit Ticket Folder really good. See here: 

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